What we believe

The Bible is the exclusive guideline of christian life and doctrine. There is only one source of true faith, the Word of God. It exists in three forms: The written Word of God, the Bible, the incarnated Word of God, Jesus Christ, and the preached Word of God.


Sermons from the Word of God and its teachings nourish the believer. The indwelling power of God’s Word produces changes within the human nature, of which we testify. Out of the Bible’s integrated worldview we throw light upon current topics.

Faith Church Budapest

Németh Sándor - Hit Gyülekezete

Our hungarian motherchurch, planted in 1979 by Sándor Németh, is the largest pentecostal-charismatic church of Europe, today.

Dear visitor,

We welcome you on the website of Faith Church Munich and are glad, that you found the way to us. We are a young, dynamic church, which has its roots in our mother church, the “Hit Gyülekezete” – that is Hungarian and it means “Faith Church” - in Budapest, Europe’s largest Pentecostal-charismatic church. As a modern representative of the charismatic movement we are faithfully standing in a tradition of practicing and expressing living faith in good deeds, which reaches back through the centuries and connects us with the first Christian church in Jerusalem. That is why we feel ourselves totally committed to the teachings of Jesus and of the Apostles handed down to us from the Bible and we see it as our task not only to exemplify these through our own life and the lifestyle but also to pass on living Christendom and its fundament to the present-day generation. As the core, the essence of Christianity we consider being the disciples of Jesus Christ directly through the Holy Spirit, which should be expressed by the behavior, words and personality of each Christian. 2000 years ago Jesus had already encouraged people to believe in him and to follow him; he also commissioned his disciples to instruct people in his teachings. Accordingly we invite you cordially to visit one of our meetings in order to have the opportunity to receive living faith in your heart, which comes solely by hearing the preaching of the word of God.